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Prudential Finance contributes Children books to Nam Dinh Province's Public Library

Date 22/10/2018

Encouraging active reading for children under the theme “Fulfil Your Dreams And Happiness”

Prudential Vietnam Finance Company Ltd., (Prudential Finance), which was recognized as The Best Consumer Finance Company For Customer Service in the country this year*, announced its book project which contributed 1,300 new children books to Nam Dinh province’s public library, which is in need of more good-quality books for the local children. These books were recommended and supplied by Kim Dong, the largest publisher and distributor of children's books in Vietnam.




The initiative, themed “Fulfil Your Dreams And Happiness”, is designed to promote active reading among Vietnamese children. It supports Prudential Finance’s commitment to advocate literacy and a reading culture to better equip the future generation.


In Vietnam, children are keen to read text books for academic reasons than reading books outside the school syllabus. The importance of enhancing the accessibility of books in the public libraries and providing a variety of contents are often highlighted to promote active reading as a powerful tool to encourage children to pick up and finish a book themselves.




“We are honoured to run this children book project to inspire a passion for literacy and a commitment to spreading the message of how books can be influential in a child’s life,” said Atul Dixit, CEO of Prudential Finance. “Through this initiative, we aim to encourage active reading which plants seeds for active learning and to help more Nam Dinh local children “Fulfil Your Dreams And Happiness” by enhancing their access to the very best children books.”


“On behalf of our library management team, I am grateful and really looking forward to receiving these books, as well as incorporating them into our library so that all children and local residents in our province can have access to them,” said Director Ngo Thi Thom, Nam Dinh province’s public library.




On the same day, Prudential Finance received the Certificate of Appreciation by the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Nam Dinh province, No. 327/QĐ-SVHTTDL issued on 15/10/2018, for the company’s support to local Culture, Sports and Tourism and Nam Dinh province’s public library as well.






To better support its local business, Prudential Finance announced its business launch in Nam Dinh province, marking further growth for the brand in the northern region. Prudential Finance had begun recruiting local talent to prepare for the opening of its service introduction point (S.I.P.) in one of the region's most exciting and fast-growing markets. The new S.I.P. located on Ground Floor, Trade Center, Nam Dinh Tower, No. 91 Dien Bien Street, Cua Bac Ward, Nam Dinh City, will be able to better serve the evolving needs of its valued customers in the North of Vietnam. The S.I.P. will be offering the same products and high-quality services that customers have come to expect of the company from the reputation it has built over the past 10 years.


*Prudential Finance was named The Best Consumer Finance Company For Customer Service 2018 at The Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.





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