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Prudential Finance Named The Best Consumer Finance Company For Customer Service 2018 At The Global Banking & Finance Review Awards®

Date 13/08/2018

Prudential Vietnam Finance Company Ltd. (Prudential Finance) was recognized and named The Best Consumer Finance Company For Customer Service Of The Year 2018 at the presentation ceremony of the Global Banking & Finance Review Award held in London, the United Kingdom. 

The award was designed to commend global organizations on delivering exceptional customer services, dedicated day-to-day customer support and successful customer experience strategies.


The award recognizes Prudential Finance’s high standards of customer experience and best-in-class services which are embedded in various initiatives launched last year to optimize the company’s resources and infrastructure.


2017 was a turning point for Prudential Finance in terms of customer communications and experiences. Customers enjoy easy and convenient access to a wider range of corporate information through the standardization and digitalization of communication channels such as email and SMS. Free Wi-Fi access are now available in various company branches. In addition, an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) was set up to broadcast customized phone greetings, messages and reminders, providing more personalized experiences to customers whenever they contact the company. Since the introduction of the new service, 50% inbound calls are handled through the IVR and our customers are able to obtain the information they are looking for through the automated system.


Prudential Finance continues to place high quality customer service at the heart of everything they do, embracing the values of trust, fairness and utmost customer care. The Customer Service Charter set out the company’s commitment in delivering high-standard customer services. The Customer Care team was established to understand and address customers’ evolving needs. An example was the shortening of the loan application disbursement turnaround time (TAT) which significantly improved customer experiences.


Mr. Atul Dixit, CEO of Prudential Finance said: “We are honored to be named The Best Consumer Finance Company For Customer Service of the Year 2018. This award highlights our long-term commitment to building a culture of providing excellent service to our customers throughout their journey with Prudential Finance. Driving customer satisfaction and delivering impactful customer experience are core to our continued business success. The new digital era has changed the way we communicate with each other, however Prudential Finance takes it as an opportunity and a priority to innovate in order to meet the fast changing needs of our over 500,000 Vietnamese customers.”


“Prudential Finance - The winner of this year’s award, was commended for understanding the value that customer experience has on building its Brand’s positive reputation and, ultimately, the difference it makes to their business success and customer success,” said SASH, Varun, Chairman and CEO of Global Banking & Finance Review.


Global Banking & Finance Review has conducted an annual global research into customer service for eight consecutive years, with a focus on identifying best practices in the consumer finance industry and improving service delivery to the customers. The Customer Service of the Year award is an important benchmark which recognises and rewards organisations who put their customers at the heart of their businesses.




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